Hip-Hop artist and Rapzilla Freshmen Dru Bex just revealed the name of his new album, the cover, and tracklist.

The project is called, In God’s Good Time, and it’s set to release on May 25th.

“The album is about time in general,” said Bex. “On a personal level, it’s about the way things have changed in my life over the years with my faith, my relationships and my career. It’s also about the current times that we live in and what God has done in the past, what He’s doing in the present and the hope that we have for the future. Every song title has something to do with time.”


Dru Bex Tracklist:

Lessons in Time ft. Mission
Clockwise ft. Shopé
Gotta Go ft. Jeremy Rodney-Hall & Wande
Buzzer Beater ft. Roy Tosh & Phil J.
The Times ft. Hyper Fenton
Midnight in Miami ft. Zauntee
Up at 1AM / The Wait ft. Jeremy Rodney-Hall & Alana
Closing Time
Maybe Then ft. Quinten Coblentz

Preorder now and get an instant download of “Buzzer Beater” ft. Roy Tosh & Phil J.