Blake Whiteley Turbulence

Indiana Artist Blake Whiteley On 61 City Tour With Clayton Jennings

Danville, Indiana artist Blake Whiteley is currently in the midst of a 61-city U.S. ‘Revival Tour’ that began last November and going through August of 2018 with evangelist Clayton Jennings, and worship artist Hunter Rayne.

You may have heard Blake Whiteley’s single Glory Gang from his album ‘Break Thru’, which released in 2017 and peaked at #4 on the iTunes Hip-Hop album chart. Or perhaps you saw when we included Blake as a part of our Reader’s Choice ballot for our 2018 Freshmen class.

Blake began his career in music before he was a Christian,

“During a show at Auburn University, with Wiz Khalifa, I realized there had to be more to life than the temporary “satisfaction” of my sin. Long story short! I walked off the stage in the middle of the show with Wiz Khalifa and flew home to give my life to Christ.”

Blake Whiteley Glory Gang Music Video

Most recently Blake Whiteley has been buzzing from his single Turbulence gracing our God Flow playlist at Spotify as well as being played on terrestrial am/fm radio across the U.S.

Make sure to grab the Turbulence shirt you see Blake wearing (designed by Blacksheep Collective) at one of the stops on Blake’s tour.

Blake Whiteley Tour Dates

05/14 – Indianapolis, IN
05/15 – Columbus, OH
05/16 – Pittsburgh, PA
05/17 – Buffalo, NY
05/21 – Boston, MA
05/22 – New York, NY
05/23 – Philadelphia, PA
05/24 – Baltimore, MD
05/25 – Charleston, WV
06/11 – Toledo, OH
06/12 – Detroit, MI
06/13 – Grand Rapids, MI
06/14 – Milwaukee, WI
06/15 – Minneapolis, MN
07/10 – St. Louis, MO
07/11 – Kansas City, MO
07/13 – Denver, CO
07/16 – Salt Lake City, UT
07/18 – Reno, NV
07/19 – San Francisco, CA
07/22 – Los Angeles, CA
07/24 – Las Vegas, NV
07/25 – Phoenix, AZ
07/27 – Albuquerque, NM
07/28 – Amarillo, TX
07/30 – Branson, MO
08/13 – Cincinnati, OH
08/14 – Bristol, TN
08/15 – Charlotte, NC
08/16 – Charleston, SC
08/17 – Savannah, GA
08/20 – Birmingham, AL
08/21 – Chattanooga, TN

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Written by Chad Horton

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