Rapper/singer Aaron Cole released his Gotee Records debut project Virginia Boy today.

Cole had a busy week and a half as the announcements came quickly. Two days ago he dropped a music video for his song “Parachute,” featuring nobigdyl.

Track List:

One More Day
Parachute ft. nobigdyl.
And 1
Virginia Boy

aaron cole

Cardec Drums, Soul Glow Activatur, Jordan Sapp, and Derek Minor are the project’s producers. nobigdyl. is the one feature.

In an interview with Rapzilla.com a few months ago, Cole alluded to this project:

He’s working on a project and the only thing he can say right now is that “it’s coming and it’s going to be a level up.” Cole is in the studio working with Cobra and Solomon Olds, formerly of Family Force 5 to shape his sound.

This “level up” will only continue to build on the quality of music Aaron Cole puts out. People are always amazed at what he creates and add his young age to it. For him, it could get a bit “tiresome” but he’s ultimately cool with it.

Purchase or stream the EP here.

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