shai linne – The Atonement

Providing deep, highly scripture infused verses, shai linne released The Atonement as a deep look at Jesus in the Trinity, as the Messiah, and the crucifixion.

Only his second album, this 19 track beast has no features and plays more like a sermon than a record

The notable tracks are “In Adam All Die” and “Jesus is Alive.”

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shai linne – Storiez

Storiez is shai linne’s third album and released toward the tail end of 2008. The songs on the album are all stories that connect the listener back to the Gospels.

The project has a bunch of features including Json, FLAME, Techniq, and more.

Notable tracks are “Alone” and “As The Hour Draws Near/ Letter From the Grave

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FEDEL – I Live

According to FEDEL himself, I Live was “innovative” and his “baby,” so much so that it influenced his next two projects. A fan favorite of the emcee’s, he re-released it only a few years later for free download in 2013.

The album is largely produced by First Born and has features by Knine, Viktory, and Sean Johnson.

Notable tracks include “Walk It Like I’m Changed” and “I Live.”

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DJ Morph – International

International has been described as DJ Morph’s “Mona Lisa.” This whopping 19-track mixtape features a who’s who of 2008 and flows more like an album.

There are features from Sho Baraka, Japhia Life, R-Swift, Rhema Soul, Braille, K-Drama, and many more.

Notable tracks include “Can’t Break Us” and “Glorious.”

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K-Drama – Boombaptism

K-Drama uses a little wordplay to baptize his audience in boom bap rap with Boombaptism. This album was created after a flurry of mixtapes and small projects. From here on out, K-Drama was solidified as a force in Christian hip-hop.

Dre Murray and R-Swift are just a few of the features on the record.

Notable songs include “We Still Standing” and “Air Jordan.”

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