Rapper 2.0 collaborated with Monolog and Luke G. to drop a music video for “Lion or Lamb.”

In the song “Lion or Lamb,” 2.0 shares an authentic perspective that all believers can identify with…the question of how to respond when mishandled.

“The song was written to illustrate the fact that though Christians live to model the life of Christ, there is more than one way to do it,” said 2.0. “Often times Christians are misperceived to be walkovers, passive, and overly conservative. Yet if you study scripture there are times where Christ saw it appropriate to behave in a more assertive way.”

He continued, “The point of the song is to encourage the listener to consider their responses to the day to day situations that challenge the believer. Respond, don’t react, and give room for Christ to choose “Lion or Lamb” as to how you should respond in that moment. I figured I wasn’t the only one dealing with the challenge of how to respond. So I wrote a song about it to help myself and others stay encouraged.”