1K Phew, of Reach Records, is letting love be the wave with his new two-song EP Georgia Shore.

 The first track is “Sticks & Stones.” It’s a hard-hitting track that takes a look back to 1K Phew’s humble beginnings. The second song, “Show Love,” reinforces that love will triumph over any hate. Phew both challenges and encourages his Georgia Shore listeners to stay positive during hard times.

1K Phew on “Show Love”:

“It’s time to break the ice and expose the hate. I come across a lot of people who smile in others face, then go back and talk crazy about em. One thing I can’t stand is a fake individual. But at the end of the day, the best thing you can do is keep shinin’ and striving… Then kill em wit love!”

1K Phew on “Sticks & Stones”:

“Sticks & Stones” is a message to the ones that get blinded by whats goin’ on in the world… then start to judge other folks instead of bein’ a light to em… you neva know where people come from or goin’ thru. Can’t always expect people to just do it your way, sometimes you gotta meet em where they at.”

In March 1K Phew dropped a music video for his track “Back Then” off of his project Never Too Late.

The project is available for purchase and streaming here.

1K Phew is the latest artist to rise from Atlanta’s inimitable music scene. His sound—which has been dubbed “New CHUUCH”—is equally at home in the club as the church.

1K Phew recently joined Lecrae, for the “All Things Work Together Tour” where they performed their collaborative single, “Hammer Time,” a song which has garnered over 15M streams to date.