Hip-Hop artist and indie tribe. member WHATUPRG has been the focus of a lot of speculation over the last few months as fans have eagerly awaited his new album that seems to keep getting pushed back. Now we may know the reason.

The 116 song “Light Work” was just the beginning for RG on the label. Here’s what we speculated:

WHATUPRG is from the indie.tribe collective along with nobigdyl., Mogli the Iceburg, and Jarry Manna. He teamed up with them recently, so what’s he doing here? The easy answer would be, “He is a collaboration machine.” Sure, that works, except, this is a 116 song. Also, Lecrae raps, “the whole squad here but you figured that.” Is he stating this is the new squad?

Low and behold, last night RG’s song “Glow” was released under Reach Records, and the logo of Reach could be found in the artwork. This morning all parties made it official.

I believe in Jesus, I believe in me. Momma told me nothing’s ever out of reach.

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Listen to his new track below:

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