From April 3rd through the 4th, the MLK 50 Conference was held in Memphis, TN to remember the anniversary of Rev. King’s passing. The speakers at the event were there to speak on racial unity within America and the church.

Two of the conference’s speakers were Christian rap artists – Trip Lee and Jackie Hill Perry.

“We can’t model what we don’t believe. Your children, your mentees, your disciples, your youth group—they are learning from you even if you don’t know yet…If there’s any indifference in your heart towards gospel diversity, you better know that your indifference will be to them a norm to which their worldviews will be shaped,” said Hill-Perry.

“Jesus didn’t, in a trendy way, momentarily, dip his toe into redemption; he dove in head first. Jesus didn’t follow the crowd. Jesus didn’t have a ‘trendy compassion’. Most people would not have done what Jesus did, but then again Jesus is not ‘most people’,” said Trip Lee. “When we follow the model of Christ, the Christian example of love is not a high five, a pat on the back; it’s a bloody death.”

Here’s a bonus clip posted on the Gospel Coalition’s YouTube: