For a long time, it looked like we’d never get a sequel to The Incredibles. Even though it’s one of Pixar’s most popular movies it just seemed that it was destined to be one and done. Fortunately, Disney was able to talk the director Brad Bird and the entire cast back for another adventure in their super suits.

To regain the trust of the populous and make superheroes accepted again, new character Winston Deaver (Bob Odenkirk) devises a plan that involves getting Elastigirl back out into the world because she’s the most marketable hero in the family. We get to see her out there doing her “daring do” while Mr. Incredible is at home trying his best to take care of the kids.

While the majority of the trailer mashes together a bunch of action bits, we do get to meet Scream Slayer, who seems to be able to hypnotize people and does so through a television broadcast that brings the rest of the Parr family out of retirement along with Frozone. I have no idea what his deal is or if Winston Deaver’s connected in any way, but we’ll find out when “Incredibles 2” hits theaters on June 15.