‘Venom’ Full Length Trailer Released by Sony

When Sony and Marvel signed their deal to bring Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it started a wave of speculation about how Sony’s plans for the franchise might shift. We got the answer last night when Sony released the first full-length trailer for the “Venom” movie.

I’m trying to get excited about this one. Now that Sony and Marvel are playing nice, there’s a much higher possibility that this movie could be good. And, as always, Tom Hardy is welcome in any flick, and it’s directed by Ruben Fleischer, one of the guys behind “Zombieland,” which is one of the best genre send-ups ever.

We see the reporter Eddie Brock as he’s trying to confront Dr. Carlton Drake about reports of illegal research he’s been conducting. Drake doesn’t take kindly to the questioning and threatens Brock with retaliation. The retaliation it seems is for Brock to become a test subject of the symbiote. The problem is that I don’t see Tom Hardy as some new media intellectual truth warrior and he’s obviously not a traditional network remote anchor.

In classic Jekyll and Hyde style, we see Eddie having internal conversations with the symbiote as they try to determine how to play nice with one another. Brock only wants to take on the bad guys, but the symbiote wants to run the show and feed. I’m excited to see how that relationship plays out and if we might get a cameo from Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to help tie this movie into the larger Spider-Man universe that Sony wants to build.

We’ll figure out what the deal is when it’s released on October 5.


Written by Bill Segroves

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