Hip-Hop veteran KJ-52 recently chatted with the Survival of the Artist Podcast about how he’s stayed relevant and successful for nearly 25 years in Christian hip-hop.

KJ broke down all of his keys to how he’s survived in the ever-changing landscape of Christian music. When he started out, CHH was not widely known or accepted, yet, he managed to pave a way for himself by being equal parts funny and talented. He was also willing to work with people and put himself in situations outside of the hip-hop world. His authenticity helped it make it.

He has also never been afraid to rap to kids and youth groups. He understands his purpose.

One of the more interesting aspects of the conversation is how he talks about the rock scene being the gatekeepers to hip-hop in the early 2000s. Rappers use to go on tour and collab with bands just to be heard.

KJ then spoke about the hate he used to receive for winning Dove Awards over other rappers. He even revealed what he felt was his worst song, and explained what a “white kid crowd” is.

Check out the podcast below: