A.Ward Travels Down Under to Give Elijay a Reality Check

Real Talk, an Australian based battle league, just released the latest from their Reality Check event featuring their current champion Eljay and future holder of the KOTD chain aka A. Ward in a battle that surely had Crocodile Dundee rolling in his grave.

To say that Ward had gotten the better of his opponent would be a severe understatement. From the opening bar of the first round, it was clear that Mr. Rebuttal Game Crazy came to play no games. The champion tried his best to put on for the home team but couldn’t do Kangaroo Jack against the barrage of bars from the Horseman, especially after the B Magic level chokes in the second round. If Eljay was the Crocodile Hunter of battle rap then A. Ward would be the stingray which brought upon his demise. This man verbally beat the Koala stuffing out of his opponent and really displayed how deadly his pen has become.

Still waiting for that A. Ward vs Chilla battle, but until then peep the battle below.

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Written by Richard Cutright

Richard Cutright is a full-time motivational speaker, part time battle rapper and serves as a member of the CHH Ginyu Force, better known as the JustHis League.

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