Jackie Hill-Perry

Although she doesn’t have many projects under her belt, Jackie Hill-Perry is one of the most respected artists in the genre. She is also a speaker and poet, going to places such as Harvard to speak about her struggles and trying to aid those out of the mess she was once in. Her lone album, The Art of Joy, is a project that definitely needs to be listened to. The album’s beats are distinctly similar to Beautiful Eulogy’s music. The good news, she’s got new music coming this year!


A Reach Records artist since 2011, KB has produced many types of tracks, from banging anthems to deep theological pieces. His debut album, Weight & Glory made it onto the Billboard charts. While he only has three albums and an EP out, all four projects are solid, focusing on our fight against Satan and reaching out to be saved by God’s grace. This is only the beginning for KB, expect more great projects from this guy. Today We Rebel, Tomorrow We Live and Undefeated are his other three projects.


If one word had to describe KJ-52, it would be “quirky.” Perhaps another would be prolific because no one has more projects than KJ in the last 20-years. This “Christian Floridian rapping white kid” (comment if you know the reference) has always done his own thing: spat witty lyrics that at times make you crack up, and other times make you cry. Recently, he has taken a more serious tone with his music, but KJ is still worth listening to for his ability to unabashedly reach his audience. It’s Pronounced ‘Five Two’, Collaborations, and Jonah Part 1 & 2 are all worth looking up.


Lecrae is possibly the most famous artist inside Christian Hip-Hop. While NF by the numbers is bigger, Crae has left the “box” of Christian Rap behind him and has moved on to the mainstream. However, his focus has pretty consistently stayed rapping about God, while trying to appeal more to mainstream listeners. He has helped lead Reach Records to become the top destination for artists in the genre. While there has been skepticism on Lecrae and the rest of Reach’s real motives for their push to appeal to the mainstream, no one has had an influence on Christian hip-hop like them. Anomaly, Rebel, and Rehab are a few of his best albums.

Shai Linne

Shai Linne has been around for a while. His first album was in 2005, but he has been in the industry as early as 2000. His music has always had a heavy focus on how we as Christians should glorify God, much like the Cross Movement’s music. Linne’s strong position on how rappers should represent Christ has led to him speaking out on how Christian hip-hop is becoming more mainstream, something he tackles in his album Still Jesus. Regardless of who is right or wrong, Linne has produced some awesome old school style tracks. Lyrical Theology Pt. 1 and Lyrical Theology Pt. 2 is a well-crafted multi-album project.