YP aka Young Paul and Merk Montes have joined forces to release a joint album called Love > Hate.

The project highlights that Love is the best choice because God is love and at the cross, Hate was defeated by Jesus.

“The two commandments Jesus highlighted was ‘Love your God and have no other gods before him’. Secondly, ‘love thy neighbors as you love yourself’,” said YP.

The first single of the album, “Love Over Hate” was dropped on March 2nd and has been made available as a free single on Rapzilla.

Purchase here.


1. Worth Dying For (prod. by Genaro Ortiz)
2. Love Over Hate (prod. by LILZ HP)
3. Ride for You ft. Genaro Ortiz (prod. Wander Beats)
4. D.O.P.E Dealer (Merk Montes prod. by Red Mcfly)
5. Running ft. Isiah Jenkins (prod. Frankee Franchise)
6. Poison (prod. Ten K)
7.Calling on My King ft. Isiah Jenkins (prod. Ten k, Keemo Th3rapy, Amazing)
8.They Call Me Crazy (prod. Keemo Th3rapy)
9. Warrior (prod. LILZ HP)
10. Cypher ft. Genaro Ortiz (prod. Wander Beats)
11. Encrypted (prod.Genaro Ortiz)

YP aka Young Paul has 13 projects under his belt, 11 mixtapes, one EP, and one LP. His 2014 mixtape alongside DJ Wade-O, Da Proclamation, is when things really started moving for YP. This set the stage for his 2017 release God Forgives, which was his first full album and is available everywhere.

YP has also collaborated with some of the most respected emcees in this genre such as Datin, R-Swift, Selah The Corner, Th3 Saga, and more.

Merk Montes was a local artist grinding in the tri-state area pumping out mixtapes with the Heavy Hitter himself DJ Camilo of Hot 97. He then had the opportunity to be on the road with celebrity figures like Daddy Yankee and De La Ghetto, as an artist on Daddy Yankee’s record label the Cartel Boyz.

Merk came to know the Lord in 2013, but still struggled to fully commit as he enjoyed his time on the road as a celebrity. In 2016, Merk made a conscious decision to give it all up and write records that glorified God, and that would impact the inner communities.