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Davis Absolute Explains Concept Behind Upcoming Project ‘Be’

Davis Absolute Explains Concept Behind Upcoming Project ‘Be’

Hip-Hop artist Davis Absolute recently appeared on the Survival of the Artist Podcast where he spoke about his upcoming project Be, which already has a single of the same name out.

Be is this brainchild that I had from exploring the idea of we all pursue things so hard,” he explained on the podcast. “We always have these goals and ideals that we chase and strive for…constantly putting ourselves in the eyes of the competition of other people…constantly trying to say, ‘I’m better than so and so’ or ‘so and so is better than me, I need to work harder’. I thought of this idea of just BE. Just be at peace, be with God, be yourself, just be.”

Davis said the first track sets the stage of this five-track EP. The songs, will be more low-fi, chill, and have a withdrawn feel he says. In the past, his songs were very abstract, lyric driven, and contained many ideas and concepts. This time around, focused more on the feeling of the song rather than trying to destroy the track.

He says another track is coming in the next couple of weeks and like most of his projects, every song will have a cool visual.

Hear Davis Absolute talk about the record around the 30 minute mark below:

Other topics include tips for licensing, owning your own music, and his entrepreneurship.


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