Hyper Fenton & MOFLO Music drop another single off of Kindergarten Dreams Back To School Edition with “Anthony.”

“Over the past year, Hyper and Moflo have been very blessed to connect with many different people. But none appeared to be as encouraging and supportive as one named Salvador. Hyper Fenton began to reach out and connect with Salvador to thank him for his support but Salvador had a confession to make, he wasn’t Hyper Fenton’s biggest fan. That title belongs to his brother, Anthony, a ten-year-old boy who is blind and autistic. Anthony’s favorite song is ‘Spending’ and listens to it almost every day. Salvador explains the father isn’t in the picture after he left, Anthony went through a really rough period. After hearing Anthony’s story it was clear that a number one fan deserves a song all his own, one that tells him who his real Father is. This is ANTHONY.”

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