Manchild of Mars ILL & Deepspace5 Announces Kickstarter for New Album

If you’re not familiar with Manchild, there’s always time to fix your mistakes.

The majority of Manchild’s musical career has been spent as the emcee of the duo Mars ILL. Mars ILL is made up of Greg (Manchild) Owens and Nathan (DJ Dust) Corrona which formed in 1998 and subsequently released an album titled Raw Material a couple of years later. All told, they produced four feature-length albums and a large handful of mixtapes. All a little more prolific than the last. They also helped form CHH Super Group Deepspace5 and released two full-length albums and an EP last year titled 5:55.

According to updates on his Instagram and Facebook pages, Mars ILL is indeed working on a new album but in the meantime, however, he wants to take a crack at a solo project.

The new album will be called Red Bird Day.

In his Kickstarter video, Greg explains that the last few years have been tough. He’s a single father of six and that comes with its own unique challenges. He recalls a story about looking out his window and seeing a cardinal that would show up in the feeder outside and it helped pull him out of the depression that had set in after he and his wife split after 20 years.

“Have a Red Bird Day” became a thing he would say to his kids as they got up in the morning and they carried that with them to school and to their friends. In fact, his 17-year-old daughter made a small clothing line out of it and it has become somewhat of a popular saying at her high school.

If you’ve never heard of him, now’s your chance to acclimate yourself. If you’re a longtime fan, now’s the chance to help him make some music.

Visit his Kickstarter.


Written by Bill Segroves

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