RMG Amplify has another new signee, hip-hop artist Illuminate.

Illuminate has been involved with the God Over Money Hog Mob circle and watched RMG progress through the Christian Hip Hop ranks. He and RMG CEO Doc Watson were mutual friends for quite a while and decided now is the time to make a business partnership official.

“I’ve seen the way they handle projects from start to finish,” Illuminate said about RMG. “I love the way they promote artists for their strengths. I have seen how Doc and the squad are doing so much for the culture and I’m excited to join in on being intentional about building it up.”

“Illuminate is a vet that has been grinding for quite a while,” Doc said. “He has a new project that he is a little genre-bending and a fresh direction. I think people will love it.”

On his newest project, Winds and Waves, Illuminate sought to portray a double meaning of the title for all people to find comfort and peace in. Drawing off his own personal experiences of battles with addiction, pride, and pain, he paints a powerful narrative.

“Of course it’s talking about the storms of life, but if we endure through them, we will experience the winds of His grace and the waves of His glory,” he explained. “The latter is always greater than the former.”