Hip-Hop artist and well-respected God Over Money member Datin recently spoke to Rapzilla about some of the themes of his latest project, The Menace Mixtape. Part one of this article broke down the meaning behind the song “Bout Dat!” and this article will take a deep dive into the conspiracy theories in “I Won’t Bow.”

A quick rundown of “I Won’t Bow” sees Datin rap about everything from the Illuminati to the Kardashian’s affects on little girls, and the “gay agenda” MTV and modern rappers promote. When asked about these claims, Datin provided a first-hand account of his interactions with a co-worker who was a Freemason (a secretive society often linked to the Illuminati and Occult).

Listen to the track below for context:

Datin said a simple search on YouTube can pull up thousands of videos, some riddled with truth but most highly exaggerated. A few years back, when the YouTube conspiracy theory craze was at its peak, Datin would talk about it with a co-worker that he supervised.

“When I would bring up these topics, he would change, and get real standoffish,” he explained. “It was weird because we were cool. I just kept at it and testing him, ‘Why does that bother you?'”

On one occasion, Datin said the two of them were unloading a truck when his friend’s sleeve rolled up revealing Baphomet (horned goat associated with a host of Satanic symbolism) and 666 tattoos.

“So I’m like, ‘Brooooo, you’re one of them?’ I said this to a big diesel dude that can probably knock me out with a slap,” said Datin. “He got defensive and quiet. I started to nitpick at his beliefs and started watching conspiracy theory videos and he’d come to their defense. Now he reveals that he’s a Freemason studying to be an Illuminus. He also had a Freemason chain with his degrees.”

Referring back to his song, “This is why it’s more than hunches for me and that I’m not some YouTube conspiracy theorist.”

The “I Won’t Bow” writer spent years praying and witnessing to his friend and one day allows Datin to pray for his ailing mother.

“He’s in tears talking about how his mom got cancer and I asked to pray for her,” he shared. “Maybe a week later at the job, he shows up early so it’s just us. He’s pacing back and forth crying and screaming, ‘Jesus is real yo!’ I’m freaking out, thinking he’s playing.”

Datin said that Freemason’s believe in the dark arts. While his friend was studying to be an Illuminus, he was able to “see shadows and spirits and they would jump into people and influence people to do bad.”

The man admitted that he sees these spirits as he would normal people walking around, kind of like the movie “The 6th Sense.”

“He told me that witnessing to him made him start to believe,” said Datin. “Those spirits knew that he started to believe and he woke up in the middle of the night because four of them were choking him, trying to kill him. He said he called on the name of Jesus and they left.”

“So now this is even a freaky story for me. I’m like, ‘What the heeeeeck’. I’m having some doubts, but I said let’s pray.

The rapper prays with him, and his co-worker receives Christ. He then gives Datin a book bag filled with all the books he studied as an Illuminus.

“’Can you get rid of these books, I don’t have the strength to do it?’ It’s like he has a soul tie to these books,” Datin revealed. “And what did dumb Datin do? Dumb Datin brings the books home and I start reading stuff – the Satanic Bible, the Book of Law, Alister Crowley’s teachings. I get freaked out.”

Ultimately, those texts were what linked Datin up with Bizzle. When Bizzle made his song “Liar” about Jay Z and Rick Ross. The scriptures used in his video were from the Book of Law, the only book he kept, which was then sent to rapper turned entrepreneur Voi$.

“Look how that was used? I heard that got to Jay-Z’s doorstep. God used what I learned for his glory,” said Datin.

From reading some of the texts and speaking with his friend, the topics discussed in “I Won’t Back Down” are more than just hunches for him. He said according to the literature, these are practices set forth and taught by these leaders of the Occult.

“TV is definitely a brainwashing tool for them. Not everything is Illuminati, we give people too much credit. But, the whole putting people into a panic with fake news is definitely a tactic of theirs – this is in there,” he said. “The whole gay agenda for population control. It’s so real…see it for yourself.”

He continued, “Do I know for certain that all these tragedies weren’t staged? No, I don’t, but dang, like the shooting in Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Las Vegas – you see crisis actors in that thing. There was a whole bunch of suspect stuff going on. I’m not certain, because, take for instance the Orlando shooting. You see familiar people as other places but, I know people that know people that died. It was 100% a real thing, but I don’t get what adding crisis actors to it is going to do.”

His line about the Kardashian’s refers to making the wrong people role models.

“Having our young ladies disfigure themselves, they believe this is for beauty. Your outward beauty is not good enough anymore,” said Datin. “The whole gay rapper thing where fatherless boys are being raised by their mothers and you’re giving them feminine rappers that are role models who are just as feminine as their moms. Who’s going to teach them how to be men? I believe it, I stand by it.”

Check back with Rapzilla next Tuesday when we release the final installment of this interview series with Datin. In it, the emcee talks about the song “Do It Again (Datin’s Dead)” and how he got the name Datin Triple D. Read part one.

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