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Datin Explains the Meaning of Triple D, The New Ark, & “Datin’s Dead”

Datin Explains the Meaning of Triple D, The New Ark, & “Datin’s Dead”

This is the third and final installment of our three-part interview with G.O.M.’s Datin. He first broke down “Bout Dat!”, then “I Won’t Bow,” and now “Datin’s Dead (Do It Again).” He also explains the origins of his name and what’s next for God Over Money.

A few months ago, images that read “RIP Datin’s Dead” began surfacing on social media. Initial reactions sparked concern and double takes until it was realized that this was an upcoming song. This shock tactic was totally on purpose.

“I had that little marketing scheme in my head for years,” he said with a laugh. “I was going to do a mixtape called Dat Datin is Dead when I was fresh out the world to introduce everyone to the new Datin, the one that was alive in Christ. I wanted to string along my secular fanbase and give them the chance to stick with me or dump me.”

He admitted that his mom and wife, then girlfriend, was very opposed to the idea telling him “you can’t do that.” Datin, a man of honor, and perhaps someone trying not to upset the important ladies in his life, scrapped it.

“It always came to mind, so I made a song of it instead. That song was set aside for my sophomore album but Bizzle wanted to sell the mixtape because he said it was too good. ‘We can drop this and it’ll do well’,” said Datin, which also sparked him to add “P.T.L.” to the The Menace Mixtape as well. “I added two more songs to it so I could feel comfortable selling it to my fans. I didn’t feel the mixtape was good enough to sell it.”

He continued, “I had to fight with Bizz to do the RIP thing. ‘Nah man, we can’t play with people’s feelings like that.’ They’ll know when they hear the song. He got on board.”

In the song, Datin says, “The new meaning of Triple D is ‘Dat Datin is Dead’.” However, Datin, seemingly at no point during his Christian rap career has made any mention of what Triple D actually means.

“This is embarrassing. I made up the name Datin when I was a little kid. It was an acronym with mad big words that didn’t make any sense but I used it as a graffiti name. I shouted out words and my boy was like, ‘That spells Datin’,” he said. “There was this wrestler who used to be in the Demolition in NWA/WWF. His name was Axis the Destroyer (it was actually Demolisher) and I always thought that was dope so I called myself Datin da Destroyer – Triple D, and that stuck. When I got saved people kept calling me that and I know I couldn’t be a destroyer anymore, so now it’s ‘Dat Datin’s Dead’.”

Another thing Datin wanted to clarify was his thoughts on the difference between a mixtape and an album. Those lines seemed to be blurred nowadays, and Datin agrees.

“People like Drake, Andy and Wordsplayed, Trip Lee dropped mixtapes, but they were sold. Those joints were like an album,” he said. “My idea of a mixtape is to have the DJ on it. Bizzle is not a big fan of the DJ scratching over the beats. The reason why I did Menace is that I’m a beat hoarder. I started separating what would be on the album and mixtape.”

He explained, “I think albums are an experience. An album should be heavy with concepts and transitions should go between the songs. This to me is just dope songs. I’m not always right though and everyone is saying this project is better than Roar and that’s a curse word to me.”

Two guys that are featured prominently on the mixtape are SOS and Stephan Otto. He said this was intentional. He skipped the big features and instead gave two deserving up and comers some shine.

Now that the mixtape has been out, Datin has already begun work on the follow-up “real album” titled The New Ark. We previously speculated The New Ark was a double meaning for Newark, read that here. Datin confirmed this).

“There’s a double meaning behind it,” he revealed. “I’m taking people on my journey in Newark but Jesus is the New Ark. Jesus is the one to come and save his elect. Every thing’s going to point to Jesus being that ark put through my experiences in Newark.”

As far as God Over Money, there’s a lot in the works.

“Bumps is back. The project he’s working on is insane. It’s his best work and it’s a mixtape. Jered Sanders is a machine. He’s working on his second album for the label and one is already turned in but not out. Bizz’s album is insane…I’m working. Sevin is done, Selah dropped his… But I’m most excited about Bumps.”

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