Starting the year with a personal project, Tee-Wyla and Illect Recordings present Journey, an 11 track instrumental hip-hop album. While he has produced for several companies and artists, this is Tee-Wyla’s first self-debut beat tape.

Tee-Wyla begins the project with the first 5 songs being lofi-hip-hop beats, smooth and tranquil. The album then changes sounds to the rock melody, “Endtroduction.” Tee-Wyla deviates back to the hip-hop beats, but instead uses electronic music and a mixture of other sounds to create songs like “Doing Alright,” “Journey,” and “Cumbia” to finish. Altogether, this project will appease any beat tape fans that like a variety of hip-hop styles.

Based in Philadelphia, Joshua Toala (aka Tee-Wyla) has been around the block when it comes to music production. He has scored music for multiple production companies and independent films since 2002. Toala’s work with those companies gave him the opportunities to have his music featured in multiple sitcoms and database work for creative services. Having worked for several television networks, his music can be found in televised events such as the NBA Finals and the 2016 Summer Olympics. Recently, Toala attended the 2018 National Association of Musical Merchants (NAMM) Show and performed demonstrations for IK Multimedia on the “Solo: A Star Wars Story” trailer he worked on.

Tee-Wyla has also collaborated with a couple of Christian Hip-Hop artists. He produced for Datin’s entire album, Turn It Off. Young Joshua recruited Tee-Wyla to do the same in 2013 for his album, Road to Elsewhere. He also produced a remix of, “Party People” by Derek Minor ft. Social Club Misfits.

Tee-Wyla also has released a string of singles on Soundcloud over the past year, with songs like, “Answers,” “Sky Bound,” and “Party People (Tee-Wyla Remix).”

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Written by Eddie Boice