As You Pass, Go – Lawren

(Artwork by: Kevin Hackett)

(Video by: Matthew Amor Squatch Matrix)

Eden – Davis Absolute

(Artwork by Davis Absolute)

In Fatherhood – Beleaf

(Artwork by: John Ed De Vera)

Holy Weapon, Vol. 3 – Jarry Manna

(Artwork by: noachili and Jarry Manna)

Memoirs of a Perfect World – Selah The Corner

(Artwork by:DJ YNot and Selah the Corner)

Ohana – TheKnuBlack

(Artwork by: Tom Buxton)

  • Today We Rebel – KB

  • (Artwork by: Alex Medina and Alex Castro)

    Tumultu – Mogli the Iceburg

    (Artwork by: Mogli the Iceburg)

    Untold Story: Trill Young King – Corey Paul

    (Artwork by: ZXMBIAC)

    Worthy – Beautiful Eulogy

    (Artwork by: Anthony Benedetto)