Hip-Hop artist Rockstar Jt teamed up with Big Yae, CBM Muley & Cet Dollar (all artists based out of his city Montgomery, Alabama) and shot a video for his new single “Getcha’ Weight Up.”

This is the first song off of Rockstar Jt’s project Streets Signed Me that will be releasing in February of 2018.

The beat was produced by “Turn Me Up Bao AKA CLVSSIC” who was one of the producers and the engineer of late artist Doe B.

This is JT’s first time making music with “Secular artists” and he believes this what reaching the world looks like as well.

The story behind this song is, “to encourage listeners to grind hard in life no matter what. ‘Getcha’ Weight Up’ basically means to step up in whatever you do,” he said. “I just want to feed the streets hope with this record.”