The footage for the most anticipated battle of the year dropped yesterday and it was well worth the wait. 2 Corinthians 10:5 says, “ We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,” and that’s exactly what went down in this headliner for Bullpen Battle Leagues Fade event.

This battle had everything you could want as a fan of the culture as far as bars go, but it was just as important for believers as well.

We previously wrote about the importance of this battle for those of the Christian faith, as we are faced with an ever-growing amount of people falling away from the truth, especially in our urban communities. Many are denouncing Christianity after watching various YouTube and DVD documentaries that attack and seemingly expose the lies about Christian faith, feeding the doubts many have about the religion. Others have been driven away by the church’s lack of response toward issues of racial injustice, which has led to many abandoning the “White Mans Religion” for the Afrocentric false doctrines that are plaguing the black community. For the aforementioned reasons, the lyrical display of apologetics featured in battles like this one, Loso vs Xcel and Th3 Saga vs Shotgun Suge, play a very important part in the battle rap culture.

The battle itself was a Battle of The Year contender with some of the best rounds I’ve heard from either emcee. Loso went bar for bar with B. Dot without time restrictions, giving each emcee ample time to break down their opponent and defend their position. The Imaginary Gun Bar King set the night off with a room rocker and kept that momentum going all through the first round. Dot had a good round but it wasn’t enough to win it. The second round saw both come strong, but Loso slightly edges the round due to a better overall performance. The third round was B. Dot’s strongest as he activated his “Beloved Mode” and had the crowd eating out of his hand.

Watch the battle below:

So who won? Some are saying that it that it was too close to call, but I had Loso edging 2-1 in a hard-fought battle that many thought he would lose. Not only did Loso solidify his top-tier status with this victory, but he defended the faith in a way that brought 2 Timothy 4:2-4 to life on that stage. This was most definitely in the top 5 battles that happened this year. I really enjoyed this one a lot and think that it would be dope if Loso could do a video breaking the bars down for these rounds for the online community. Can’t wait to see what the Loso and the rest of the IV Horseman have in store for 2018!