Today was a busy day for Christian hip-hop as artists from all across the genre dropped projects or singles with the most notable being Aha Gazelle’s Trilliam 3.

Aha Gazelle


1 .Processional (feat. Reg Rob)
2. Get Rich or Die Talking
3. Dumb Dancing (feat. Silas)
4. Gold Medals
5. Things I’ll Never Try
6. Transform
7. Dirty Dan
8. Back in My Bag
9. More Gold Medals
10. Ejection
11. Rarris and Red Cups
12. Boot Camp (feat. Tony Ri’Chard & Starringo)
13. Reach for the Stars
14. Apology to Roni’
15. All Black Party

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Social Club Misfits

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Indie Tribe

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Spencer Kane

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Other releases include Illijam’s The Town, Shope’s Power, and Jet Trouble’s Youth.

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