Now in Stores – November 10, 2017

Today a bunch of notable Christian hip hop artists dropped new projects or singles with the most notable being Derek Minor’s High Above.

Derek Minor – High Above


1. Heaven’s Light (feat. Marissa Jerome & WHATUPRG)
2. This Morning (feat. Anesha Birchett)
3. Walls (feat. Urban Rescue)
4. higher Higher HIGHER (feat. Byron Juane)
5. Tight Rope (feat. Roz)
6. Tight Rope (Coda)
7. High Enough (feat. WHATUPRG)
8. Visions from the Top

Purchase the album on iTunes.

Datin – The Menace Mixtape


1. Intro (Menace Movement)
2. Bout Dat!
3. I Won’t Bow (feat. StefanOtto)
4. Draw the Line (feat. S.O.S. & StefanOtto)
5. Do It Again (Dātin’s Dead)
6. Go Time (feat. Jered Sanders, Bumps Inf & Marz Ferrer)
7. War Bread (feat. S.O.S.)
8. Can’t Budge Me (feat. Steven Malcolm & Zauntee)
9. P.T.L.
10. Somebody Sign Roberto! (Skit)
11. Fight for Us
12. Words You Don’t Say (feat. Bizzle)
13. God or Government? (feat. Raging Moses & StefanOtto)
14. Menace (feat. S.O.S. & StefanOtto)

Purchase the album on iTunes.

Dee-1 – Slingshot David

Track List

1. Destiny
2. Wanna Be A Hot Boy
3. For The Stars
4. I Like You
5. Intelligence
6. Why Do The Righteous Suffer
7. Love Always Wins (Feat. Sevyn Streeter)
8. Hood Villains
9. Just Clocked In
10. My People Need Me
11. The Devil’s Playground
12. I Don’t Wanna Let You Down
13. Hol’ Up

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Corey Paul – Untold Story: Trill Young King


1. March 10th (feat. Momma Betty)
2. Fallen Cradles (feat. Callie Sheehan)
3. Childhood Nightmare
4. Seventeen
5. Pipe Dreams
6. Black Heart
7. His Image (feat. Dre Murray)
8. Hallow Tips (Interlude)
9. Bullets and Targets
10. Gun Play
11. Don’t Cry (Interlude)
12. Future Shine Bright
13. March 11th (feat. Journee)

Purchase the album on iTunes.

FEDEL – Brave 2


1. Why You Scared
2. Potion
3. Betty Crocker
4. Kendrick
5. Drop Dance
6. We Gone Make It
7. Trap Kids
8. Squad
9. God Almighty
10. Secret Sauce
11. Oklahoma Proud

Social Club Misfits

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Justin Sarachik

Written by Justin Sarachik

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