It’s been a few weeks since Datin dropped his Menace Mixtape, and surely there’s a lot of content there to digest. However, did anyone catch him shout out his follow-up project?

The final track on the mixtape is called “Menace” and features S.O.S. and StefanOtto. At the very end of the track when Datin is shouting some things out, he says, “I’ll catch you on the next project, my Sophmore album, The New Ark…coming soon.”

Well, maybe him just shouting it out was not so subtle, but what it stands for is. Recently, Datin has shared a few posts on Facebook that sees him in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey.

One caption read, “Allow me to praise my God but before I give you all the afterthought / first im’a take you all back to Newark….”

Another post:

It seems pretty clear that the “New Ark” is “Newark.” Datin’s next album will most likely explore his upbringing as he revisits his life in Newark.

Then again…this is just a theory…stay tuned.