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Now in Stores – October 27, 2017

Now in Stores – October 27, 2017

Today was a busy day for Christian hip-hop as artists from all across the genre dropped projects or singles with the most notable being 1K Phew.


1. Load of Me
2. Back Then
3. Fettuccine
4. Trap House
5. Jumping Jacks
6. Petco
7. TV ft. Lecrae
8. Never Too Late
9. Long Way
10. Bet Not Ever
11. Before
12. Forever

Purchase or stream here.

Click to buy: here.


1. Swish
2. Space Jam
3. Instagram
4. Wavy Love
5. Jtg (feat. Muche Ukegbu)

Click to buy: here.

Purchase here.

Other releases today include TheKnuBlack’s Ohana, Mission’s All of You None of Me, and IZ-Real’s “BallOut”.

Listen to some of these songs on our Spotify and Apple Music Playlists.


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