Rapper Monolog of Gideonz Army will be dropping his sixth album, Southern Comfurt, in December of 2017.

Southern Comfurt was an idea God gave me” stated Monolog, “it’s based off the scripture Isaiah chapter 40:1 where God is commanding us to take the message of comfort unto His people. Sometimes we forget to focus on comforting and encouraging our brothers and sisters, but people are going through, people are hurting, experiencing depression and not feeling worthy, all while holding on to fight the good fight of faith.”

He continued, “We all need those words of encouragement as we go through the trials of life so that’s what I did with this album, used the Word of God to help encourage while addressing specific issues in hopes of giving strength to hold on.”

On this album, Monolog teamed up with a few vocalists to bring powerful thought-provoking hooks including Luke G, P-Son, and Sarai.