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Loso Commits ‘Murda’ on Writers Vol. 1 Battle

Loso Commits ‘Murda’ on Writers Vol. 1 Battle

Rare Breed Entertainment, better known as RBE, just dropped Loso Vs J Murda from their Writers Vol. 1 card that went down in early September. The battle (more like massacre) would serve as a warm-up for the Imaginary Gun Bar King, who is taking on his most challenging opponent yet in B. Dot on Oct 21st. There was also a surprise appearance in the second that will make fans go “Ohhhh SNAP!”

Somebody should have put a prayer cap and a white sheet on J Murda because Loso caught that body like he was a prayer line usher at a COGIC church! This battle was more one-sided than The Undertaker vs Hornswaggle in a Hell in a Cell match, like watching Yamcha try to go head to head with Majin Vegeta. Loso surgically took J-Murda apart in such an easy fashion, breaking his style down and causing Mr Murda (if that is his real last name) to burp DUMB loud in Loso’s third to throw him off, which is kinda sucker move.

Sorry, not sorry.

Still, it was too late and the body was already in the bag by the end of the second. 3-0 Loso, no debate.

Check the battle for yourself:


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