Rapper Serge and RMG Amplify are partnering together for two projects with the first being called Rookie Season being released on October 27.

“What’s funny is, I’m not into sports at all, but I adopted the mindset, being lowly in heart, someone who hasn’t arrived,” Serge said of considering himself a rookie in the rap game. “I don’t want to feel like I’ve arrived. I want to grind like I’m still a rookie, always learning new things and growing.”

“The selling point for me is who they are as people,” Serge said of Derek Minor and Doc Watson, the heads of RMG Amplify. “They’re good people as well as capable.”

“Serge is an amazing artist,” Doc said of the partnership. “I’m excited about him because of his drive and talent. He is one of the best.”

“I always want to make art that’s organic to where I’m at in life,” he said.