Introducing rapper Jaae Kash, as he just dropped his single “Way Up” off his upcoming project, Less is More.

“When I look back in my life, it’s almost like I’m looking down and seeing how high God has brought me in this life,” said Kash. “It’s scary like climbing a 40-foot ladder and hoping to God that something doesn’t go wrong but when you reach the top the view up is indescribable. God has a mysterious way of shaping our minds and hearts to do His work and surrender to His will. Some of the trials we face are for others to be strengthened. Other times, it’s for us to see that He is who He says He is and that His promises to us are real. It gets hard, don’t get me wrong, but God has always managed to make a way. I’m sure you can say the same. This transformation has caused me to look at the world differently now. I don’t see it the same way other people may see it. For example, the racism going on in our country is not merely race against race but more spirit against spirit but you have to be “Way Up” to see that. When my family turned their backs on me and when I was close to giving up, God made a way and brought me “Way Up.” When God sits me down and edifies me in His word, He’s literally bringing my spirit, mind, and soul to another level. That’s all this song is about. Growing and advancing. Seeing things on a totally different plateau.”

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