Sivion has dropped yet another single from his upcoming Dark Side of the Cocoon project, this one is called “Darkness.”

The song is produced by Sebastian Hochstein, and the single is about being strong in the midst of struggle and dark days.

“As those who bare witness to God’s grace, glory, and goodness; we walk in the “light” of His truth. But we carry that light everywhere we go including some dark places. There is so much negativity going on in the world and in each of our lives, that it often feels like we’re surrounded by ‘darkness’. And that darkness wants to overshadow our light. This song speaks to that moment by moment struggle, of which we must endure through faith,” said Sivion.

He continued, “Sebastian Hochstein’s music composition for this song features intricate percussion, but also includes an ambient guitar that gives it a melancholy feel. When I first heard it, melodies and harmonies immediately came to mind vs. typical rap cadences or rhyme patterns. So the result was a powerful song, sang with very honest lyrics about the insecurity of stepping out and being possibly the only light in a dark situation. God has a plan for us all and He is the source of our strength to shine boldly in the midst of “Darkness”. Let your light shine!”

Listen to the track below:

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