Lecrae did a Reddit AMA on the Hip-Hop Heads thread board on All Things Work Together’s release date and answered some interesting questions ranging from collaborations to prescription pills.

Below are some of the highlights (comments not edited):


Q: Lecrae, do you see any possible collab with Kendrick in the future?
Lecrae: last time we spoke we agreed the song would be something special for the world. I plan on it.

Q: Will you and chance the rapper ever collab?
Lecrae: Tried…didnt get it done in time. Maybe in the future.

Q: hey, ever think about a collab with Logic? btw loved you on sway
Lecrae: Just connected with Logic recently. He’s the nicest friendliest rapper Ive ever met.

Q: 1) What are some of your favorite artists to listen to that AREN’T in the hip-hop/rap genre? I know you’ve said you dabble in some Ed Sheeran.
2) Will you ever collab with NF?
Lecrae: Love Ed Sheeran. Tell NF to send me a track for his album..i got him.

Question about the song ‘Worth It’

Q: Later on in the album you said you were on zans for a bit I was wondering if you can elaborate on that? Also amazing album definitely in my top three albums you have made.
I’ve been over-stressin’, I’ve been second guessin’ / I was on them Xan’s for a second, I was feelin’ so defeated (lyrics)
Lecrae: I had a legit prescription. getting off them caused more anxiety than I started with tho. No thanks.


Q: Do you hate when people class you as a christian rapper just because your messages are so positive?
Lecrae: Sometimes people put you in boxes cause they need them more than you do. What kind of music did Prince make? Rock, Pop, R&B, Funk, Soul? whatever you call it just call it great.

Q: Should the Christian artist refuse to make scandalous art that could cause harm to 4 out of 5 people, even if the 5th person is edified in their faith by it? Do you think a person of faith has an obligation to have some redemptive quality in his/her art?
Lecrae: I think the assumption of 4 out of 5 is where the tension lies. I think you reserve the right to create as you feel God leads and reserve the right to be wrong and make mistakes in the process. Just learn from your errors and correct them. There is a great book called IMAGINE by Steve Turner that I love on this issue.

Q: How do you balance your Christian values with working with secular artists? What is the studio dynamic like?
Lecrae: I think people have a false perception that people try to be negative influences. Most people treat me very respectfully ask if they can smoke or not cuss or not. Its funny to me. Also I’ve been walking with God for a long time its not like im an impressionable teen.

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