Illijam teamed up with producer Kevmo to remix The Rocket Summer’s “Walls” with his own rendition, “The Walls,” which celebrates the 3-year-dating anniversary of he and his wife.

“When my wife & I first met, I was coming off of a blindside break-up of a 4 year, marriage-minded relationship, and she was coming from a relationship wherein her significant other shockingly confessed to sleeping with prostitutes,” Illijam shared. “The reality that we were walking with the Lord & dating professing believers at the time served to further compound our bewilderment. Emotionally wounded, we warily began to seek the Lord and explore the possibility of being together. This song is a fruit of that chapter of our lives, and is a celebration of God’s graciousness in giving us new love and his faithfulness in healing & loving us through our broken hearts. We began dating on September 20th, 2014 at Uprise Fest in Shippensburg, PA.”