DJ DB405 just dropped his first EP God Is Trill Forever, on Saturday September 9th.

“My goal is put together original and transparent records that touch on life and faith. Good music… that motivates and encourages,” he said.

Track list:

1. How Trill Is Our God (feat. Sean C. Johnson)
2. God Is Trill Anthem (feat. Jarry Manna)
3. Check (feat. Parris Chariz)
4. All That Remix (feat. 1k Phew & Parris Chariz)
5. Gang Gang (feat. Kadence)
6. Winning (feat. Kayla Starks)
7. Bold Move (feat. Caleb Cruise)
8. Dear Christian Rapper (feat. Young Noah)
9. Feel Like (feat. Shiwan)

Purchase God Is Trill Forever now at iTunes