Davis Absolute is back with his first project since dropping Absolutes one year ago. This time, Absolute is taking us back to the garden with, Eden.

The EP features a strong list of producers and features.

The first single was “Rewindat,” produced by Santhosh, and the second is “Flood,” produced by Daniel Steele.

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The project also features production from Juice Bangers, Khompono, AZ duo Arcitec, and has features from Dru Bex, Phil J, Joe Ayinde and more.


1. Flood
2. Sky City
3. Rewindat
4. Wizard of Oz feat. Mike Brand
5. Fly Away feat. Kyra De’Nae
6. Wide Awake
7. The Body Pt. 3 feat. Dru Bex, Phil J, Joe Ayinde, & Martyr Thompson

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