Download Zach Mehaffey’s lead single, “Summer Nights” featuring Andra’e, from his upcoming debut EP From Zach.

“Zach Mehaffey is an aspiring hip-hop artist from Asheville, NC. From a young age hip-hop was a big influence in Zach’s life, and he began writing at age 15. Mainstream hip-hop culture began to set Zach up on a downhill path with drugs and alcohol which played a role in his high school years.” a press release stated.

“After graduating high school and hitting rock bottom Zach met his savior Jesus Christ and his life was drastically changed. In the past couples of years as he has walked with Jesus, he began making hip-hop music to bring glory to God and impact this culture that almost destroyed his life. Now just turning 23, married for two years and a baby on the way, he is wanting to continue this avenue and see what adventures God can lead him down.”