They said it would never happen! They said it was impossible! Well on Saturday, September 30th the impossible is happening! Loso and Th3 Saga are “meeting” for the 2017 Kingdom Choice Awards in a matchup that many have wanted to see since the two have hit the battle rap scene.

Rumors have been running wild since Th3 Saga’s departure from NWX became public, but we can only speculate on how facing off against Loso fits into his new direction.

Now that the faceoff has been announced, one has to wonder how will everything go down when these two warriors meet. Outside of SLAP Battles, which has opponents battling over concepts like Loyalty vs Disloyalty, we haven’t really seen two believers clash in the ring since Isaac Knox vs Mr. Biscuit.

Will this be a full fledged battle, or will this be a sparring match between brothers? Are they gonna be dissing each other? Will there be wrestling bars and imaginary gun flips? Will there be thumb fighting? Who’s side will Jesus be on? I guess we can only wait and see.