Ruslan’s Indie Jones debuted at No. 7 on the iTunes Albums charts just between Ferg and Phora.

Indie Jones can be ordered on iTunes for only $5.99 at


01. New beginnings
produced by Juice Bangers
background vocals by Charlene Nash

02. Clock In (feat Jet Trouble & Dom Marcel)
produced by The Cratez
Additional drum sequencing by DJ Rek
Live guitar by Kerry “2 Smooth” Marshall

03. Reset
Produced by Juice Bangers
Live guitar by Kerry “2 Smooth” Marshall

04. My God
Produced by Juice Bangers

05. Summer 17 Medley
Pt 1 Produced by Sojourn
Pt 2 Produced by The Bakery
Pt 3 Produced by Ryan Vetter

06. Figure Me Out feat Jon Keith
Produced by Oh Gosh Leotus

07. Mic Check
Produced by Sojourn

08. Best of Your Today’s
feat Rowlan
produced by Anthony Cruz & Jruckers

09. Less Talking Medley
Pt. 1 produced by Oh Gosh Leotus
Pt. 2 produced by Erik Kingsley
Pt. 3 produced by Ryan Vetter

10. Indie Jones
Produced by Ryan Vetter

11. Wait feat Joey Jewish & Th3 Saga
Produced by SoundNami & Mpax for Mpax Productions