A Rapzilla.com premiere, Mega Ran returns with a new release this week called “Extra Credit,” and this leak is a soulful, classic gospel take on a theme of faith, and believing when no one else did. “Wouldn’t Miss It For The World” is a bold proclamation that no matter how many amazing earthly possessions one can gain, the reward for holding firm to one’s beliefs is much greater.

“I didn’t always know better,” says Ran. “I made some foolish mistakes that could’ve put me behind bars or worse.. but I’m just so thankful that someone was looking out, and that I’m not my mistakes, and better yet, I’m not that fool anymore… When you know better, you do better.”

Produced by Canadian beatmaker D.R.O, and fueled by soulful vocals by Tina Estes, “Wouldn’t Miss It” is the final track on the new Mega Ran release “Extra Credit,” his first full length since “RNDM” in 2015. The album also features guests J-Live, Homeboy Sandman, and multi-platinum singer (in more ways than one) SisQo.

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