This article was inspired by a video that KJ-52 just dropped on his Facebook page of him and John Reuben discussing a joint album they were supposed to drop back in the day.

The two rappers are always unequivocally linked together despite their drastically differing styles and different record labels. However, they have only ever appeared together on an album track once, all the way back in 2002 on KJ-52’s label debut, Collaborations. The song is called “The Choice is Yours” and it is over the beat of “The Choice is Yours (Revisited)” by Black Sheep.

According, to KJ the pair didn’t even clear the sample of the original song and totally violated copyright. They did give 100% of the publishing to Black Sheep. Blake Knight, of Ill Harmonics, sampled the original beat and then added new drums. Todd Collins produced it and the rest is history.

“Old CHH was like the Wild Wild West.”

Listen to KJ and J Reu on the track below:

As far as the joint album is concerned, KJ said it was his idea but after a performance they did together, the idea was nixed. He said when they performed together it wound up working against them because the show was too hype. At the time both of them were super high energy and the show was like “7 LBs of pizza or too much candy.”

“We couldn’t exist in the same space,” he said.

Here is a none KJ or John Reuben song that the pair did with Pigeon John.