Dillon Chase is continuing his brand of God honoring hip-hop with his new album Drifting (stylized “dri f t i n g”) which is set to release on on August 25th.

Chase wrote a short story of the same name in the spring, and it inspired him to do the same with the album.

The album is entirely produced by his fellow Die Daily team members OnBeatMusic and Halo Hitz.

dri f t i n g came about quickly and was recorded in two weekends. The first nine tracks were completed after two and a half days spent in the mountains of eastern Oklahoma with a team of producers and musicians. The rest of the album came together three weeks later after the team spent a weekend at Dillon’s house.

“I approached this album in a way that forced me to be uncomfortable and lean completely on God. I had no idea what it would look or sound like to make so much music in such a limited time. I’ve never experienced God’s leading in the creative process like we did on this project,” he explained.

See the track listing and back cover below: