The UK’s Triple O released his sophomore album Zero Not Equal To One on July 7 as a follow up to his debut 2011 project Flatline.

Mental health and depression are the focal points of the record as Triple O has a personal connection to it. Zero Not Equal To One is a mathematical statement. It means two sides of that particular equation are not identical in their solution.

Conceptually the album deals with the struggle people have with depression and mental health. The goal is to provide an evaluation of moving from feeling empty to becoming whole.

Producers Karac, Freddy Winter, Layback Thoughts, Brian Sheppard, and others created the music for the project.

The lead single from the album is called “Started Again” that delivers the same energy experienced on the project. Features include artists such as Faith Child, A Star, and Hope Dealers.

The album is out now and is available to purchase or stream here.