It’s been a little over a month since Ty Brasel released his first full-length album Young T and he has thus far been pretty hush-hush about the meaning and concepts behind the record. Ty recently spoke to and we were slowly able to pull a little bit of meaning to this record out of him. However, he was purposely vague about some tracks and said he would reveal what everything means in maybe six months to a year from now.

Young T ft. J. Monty

Ty would not divulge the meaning of this song but said perhaps in the future he will break it down. He said it is a very personal song, and many of the themes of the record run back to what was established here.

Light Up the City

It’s about Lucifer. I dive into it in the interlude. A lot of people don’t know that the metaphor of the girl “Lucy” is really Lucifer. It’s really deep as both parts of the song connect to paint the picture.

4 Ppl Still Listening

Ty did not speak on “4 Ppl Still Listening” but said it was pretty “self explanatory.”

Gold Soul

This and “Light Up the City” are two of the most pivotal stories of the album. It’s connected to the first three tracks. Really pay attention to what’s being said in the skit. All the lines in the skit correlate to the song.

The first line I say, “ain’t no block my shine,” what I’m talking about is Lucifer again. He’s a big part of this story. The part where I say I almost died at birth, but God said: “look at T shine with the gold soul.” The whole song is about how the enemy has tried to deter me and distract me from fulfilling my calling as a man of God but the answer is God protected me and shielded me. God has his hand on me. There was no killing me at birth. You can’t come against God’s purpose.

That’s why at the end of “4 the Ppl Still Listening” Monty says “ain’t no weapon formed against me shall prosper, you’re a gold soul.”

Play This Song

It’s my music being like drugs. People take drugs to soothe pain and try to find some relief. One of the lines, “Dope in the trunk like Scarface, that’s my new mixtape.” That connected it to “Gold Soul.” There is a temptation to make meaningless music because a lot of times in content heavy music, a lot of people can’t handle it. A lot of hip-hop artists, sometimes they can make songs that don’t have much content. “I can’t make songs if it ain’t moving you, that’s my higher calling” it’s pointing to the fact that the reason I didn’t keep rapping about things of this world, is because I have purpose with my music and if I die today, all I have left in my legacy is the words that I spoke through my music. I have a chance to impact people before they die before I die. You never know when that last day will be.

Hit My Line

Everybody’s life story has some type of relationship aspect to it. This was me addressing my relational issues in life. At the time everything I wrote on this album. It was about me writing my feelings. That was my situation with the woman I was speaking about in the song. That was my way of making sure the album touched on all the aspects of my life.

Real Riches

An intricate part of the story. The album is written in similar ways to the Bible, where you just see reoccurring themes throughout.

In “Gold Soul” I said twice, “to abtain it all, that was my ambition, til I found out, knowledge, real riches.” It’s a nod to Proverbs chapter 3. “Real Riches” was just me delivering that point home.

High Enough

Brings the whole project home. There are up and downs. Not only am I struggling in the 1st and 2nd song, but in the 3rd and 4th, I find my identity in the 5th song, bring it to life in the 6th song, 7th song a lot of the identity shows throughout, in this song that even though I’m a “Gold Soul,” I feel depression, anxiety, heart break, pain, every day. My life is filled with misery a lot of times. My life has been very hard. I face a lot of darkness that I can’t really speak on. It’s me saying I won’t let this get the best of me, I’m going to reach my full potential. I want to thrive and I want to live free.

Find Your Way

Transitions the album from me and makes it personal for everyone else. It goes from Young T to you the listener.

Stay tuned for part two of this interview with Ty Brasel where he talks about the creation of the album and what he has going on in his life.

The album is out now and is available to purchase on iTunes.