Yes, you read the headline right. Taking a page from out of WWE, Smack booked the lyrical version of AJ Styles vs Bray Wyatt for URL’s Born Legacy 5 which took place this past March. Th3 Saga went face to face with Tink Tha Demon, who has built a reputation for his grotesquely violent rhyme schemes that seem like they were scenes from “SAW” movies.

This wouldn’t be the first time Saga faced off against an opponent of the faith though, as he battled self-proclaimed Muslims, Shotgun Suge and Prep, in the past. Tink(erbell), who claims to be a worshiper of Horus, embraces Egyptology like many who proclaim themselves “woke” after watching “Hide and Seek Rainbow.” This bout was being advertised by URL as Good versus Evil, but any believer could see the battle for what it truly was: Spiritual Warfare.

If you turned to the book of Mark’s 16th Chapter, then scroll down to the 17th verse, you’d find these words spoken by Jesus: “And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons…”

Many believers have debates about this today. Some believe that the casting out of spirits was an ability that was given to the Disciples, while many others believe that this is a power that we as followers of Christ have access to. Regardless of what side of the discussion you’re on, after watching this battle you can admit that something happened in this contest. Tink Tha Demon kicked off the battle, spewing blasphemous bars that would make Aleister Crowley proud, while Th3 Saga stood not too far across the stage in silence. A few minutes into the round and Tink stumbles to the back through the crowd on stage and falls over, vomiting violently on the floor. After a few moments, he returns back to the stage to continue but is unable to remember most of his rhymes, stumbling through the next few rounds with a broken delivery and no steam. This footage has been cut out of the battle that URL reposted today, but was captured in this tweet by

Th3 Saga also revealed to the crowd in the middle of the battle that he had received instructions from God while in prayer to go through his verses and not run any lines back. As the battle continued, Tink spits out bar after bar about Constantine creating Jesus and the whole nine, and Saga would bring out the rebuttals like an apologetics assassin while being obedient to what God spoke to him. By the end of the 3rd round, the crowd was chanting 3-0 for Th3 Saga as he clearly caught a body for the Body. Tha Da Demon was defeated, in more ways than one. Saga wasn’t battling against flesh and blood, but by the Blood of the Lamb, his victory was already secured.

Watch the battle below:

Sidenote: Th3 Saga posted on his Instagram that one of Tink’s crew and fellow battle rapper Nunn had rededicated his life to Christ after chopping it up with him and A. Ward yesterday! The same day the battle dropped! God is so awesome! Let us continue to lift these brothers and all our family in the mission field up in prayer as they continue to forward the Gospel.

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In other news, Th3 Saga just announced that he has parted ways with battle rap crew NWX. The collective, which is comprised of several heavy hitters such as T-Top and K Shine, has been a part of Saga’s URL career since early on. The news comes as a surprise for many, as Th3 Saga and NWX member Big T were supposed to do another two on two battle together in the near future.

The announcement came after an Instagram Live rant from members K Shine and T-Top, with the prior painting Th3 Saga as a deserter, leaving them for a rival group. Saga responded with the tweet below, followed by an Instagram and Facebook Live of his own, shooting down rumors and clearing the air.

In the video he confirms him leaving the group to focus on new ventures, stating that his battle against Tink was his introducing us to the “new” Saga. However, the video hs since been removed from Facebook.