John Reuben released the final music video, “Future Nostalgia,” from his comeback album Reubonic.

“New video ‘Future Nostalgia’!! This is video 4 of 4 that Nathan Corrona did around the new album and short film Reubonic.

Such a cool experience watching this come together. Thank you to everyone who contributed. These images were taken from the booklets that come with the Vinyl and CDs (which for those who pre-ordered should be showing up shortly). Shout out to Brandon Rike for designing such a rad booklet and to Ward Jenkins for the illustration. And, of course, to Andrea Corrona Jenkins for capturing so many great photos,” he wrote on Facebook.

Read our interview with John Reuben where he talks about his return, the controversy of his song “Candy Coated Razorblades,” and the short film here.

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