Reconcile releases new single, “Ain’t No Way” and describes it as the “realest song” he’s ever written.

“Ain’t No Way” offers an alternative plan to financial hardships than hustling on the streets committing crimes to survive.

The South Florida rapper wrote the track from his upcoming mixtape during a particularly tough time and from first-hand experience.

“I remember sitting down and not having money in my pocket, cars broken down, just moved back home to Florida, wife pregnant with twins and things weren’t looking good,” he explained. “I knew I had to trust God that he would provide. I know there are people in these shoes every single day. That’s what the song is about.”

The song can be seen as a follow-up to June single, “Reckless,” a redemptive song about the struggle to walk away from a life of crime.

Listen below:


Listen to “Reckless” below: