The Legacy Conference has solved a major problem for all of the people who don’t have access to all of their workshops – they now can.

In fact, attendees are only allowed to be at four of the conferences. Their solution was to create an app that gives access to everyone.

“All of those workshops will be able to be heard by all for the first time — by all with a smart phone. On Day 1 of Legacy CHI 2017, the official app of the conference — called ‘Legacy Disciple’ — became available for download. The app launched with workshops from The Legacy conference 2016. Workshops from Legacy CHI 2017 and each additional conference will be added following the gathering,” the site reads.

Download the app on iTunes and GooglePlay.

Legacy started today and will run until the 22nd. This year’s conference theme will be the first of a four-year series for Legacy CHI: Devoted. The series will begin with Devoted to Doctrine.

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