Christian emcee Corey Paul is putting all his chips on the table in 2017. He quit his job, left Collision Records, and put the fate of his music career and life in God’s hands.

“I learned a lot and was grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a label that helps push the culture further artistically and still authentically stand for Jesus. Nothing negative to say about Collision, the overall experience was invaluable,” said Paul, in his open letter on “But now it’s back to the indie grind. It’s still Frontline! I’m an artist who enjoys the business side of the game, so my focus is on continuing to build our team, making good music and being consistent.”

Another big change for Paul was that he was part of the Houston Fire Department, and remained so until June.

“I’ve pulled up on scene and it’s literally the worst day of someone’s life. As a Christian, we are supposed to empathize and sympathize with those in pain. When you really do that… it changes you forever,” he shared. One of my first calls was a little baby who wasn’t breathing. I remember doing CPR on the way to the hospital praying God would save him. We couldn’t save him, though. God took him. I remember seeing him lifeless on the bed in the hospital thinking, this is the effects of sin in this world. This is what the effects of sin look like. It hit me in the chest.”

He stated that while being a firefighter was rewarding because he could save lives, he felt God was calling him to save souls. Paul is going to do this by jumping into his music full time.

To go along with the theme of his new goal, his new single is appropriately called “Pipe Dream,” and will be released on July 21st.

Read more at Paul’s new website